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Talajmegújító Gazdák Egyesülete: TMG Our partner, a local farmers association, for program development, networking and discussion on regenerative farming practices. "Green Hungary in winter and summer! Together we prevent the desertification of the Carpathian Basin. The aim of the TMG association is to adapt the system of soil renewal agriculture in Hungary and to enable its application as successfully and efficiently as possible. To this end, the Association experiments and researches with its own funds."


Talajreform A team of experts in regenerative agriculture grouped around the agronomist and consultant Zsombor Diriczi. Trading Cover Crop Seeds. "In the 21st century, we have broken away from the idea of just making products on our land, to really growing our own food. Consumer demands, the economic situation and climate change are forcing us farmers from three sides to think about what, how much and how we produce. The Talajreform program offers science-based, practical and business-tailored answers to these questions. Our solutions combine the advantages of soil renewal farming and precision agronomy, creating a system that increases your profitability and prepares your farm for the challenges of the future."


Reto Stocker - Consultant A farmer and practitioner offering advisory services in the field of conservation agriculture. The Swiss farmer Reto Stocker, active in the Hungarian lowlands, escapes the masses with real experimental work: Intergreens or more effective use of rainfall in soils are just two of the many research examples from this hands-on expert, who open-mindedly and open-heartedly embraces the land.


Vam Farms Consulting A Consultancy for soil renewal, soil sampling, water treatment, cover seeds and nutrient management plans. "We are attitude changers and our goal is to create healthier soil life, plant cultivation and farming foundations, which farmers also feel positively in their wallets. We raise the biological foundations from the ground up, supported by different tests and plant physiology treatment regarding nutrient supply. Pur aim is to make use of natural processes to create a living, renewable soil and plant population that is not only healthy, but also marketable."

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Nébih - National Food Chain Safety Office Nébih is the national governmental organisation responsible for the supervision of the safety of the Hungarian food chain. It operates an extensive laboratory network, with specialised official and national reference laboratories. Carbofarm cooperates with the Plant and Soil Protection Department in Velence, the National Reference Laboratory for Pesticide Analysis, which is certified according to ISO 17205 FAO GLOSOLAN.

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Abu Hungary Kft. The accredited sampling organisation, certified to ISO 17205, ABU Hungary Mérnökiroda Kft., specializes in solving environmental problems. "The general goal of our company is to contribute to the solution of environmental protection problems, the eradication of environmental damage, the long-term assurance of agricultural production, and above all, sustainable development. We carry out reliable sampling as the company's activities are not influenced by external interests."

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