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Soil organic
matter matters

With the Carbofarm programme you benefit twice:

You improve soil activity and fertility, and you receive financial compensation for the carbon stored.

Reduce Production Costs

One way to optimize production is to reduce costs.

Soil renewal technology is not about achieving record yields, it's about getting the most out of your input.

Atmospheric Carbon Sequestration

The reduction of CO2 emissions has been part of the public discourse for decades . Carbon produced by large emitters (autos, aerospace, etc.) can be "sunk" into the soils of regenerative farmers, who can earn carbon credits in return. This is done by less tilling, increasing carbon stocks, and optimising inputs, and can then be resold on the carbon market.


Compliance with the New Common Agricultural Policy

The new cycle of the Common Agricultural Policy will rely even more on increasing biodiversity and reducing emissions. The reduction of pesticides, the use of cover crops, the minimisation of soil disturbance and the integration of livestock are consistent with the principles of soil health and increase nutrients.

Principles for a Healthy Soil

know the context

Our soil health practice is a reflection of ourselves and our responsibility to the land.


No need for excessive mechanical or chemical interference in nature. 

Structure of a ground cover

... applying some care to protect the "skin" of the earth.



... with a diversity of plants, microbes, insects, wildlife and livestock. Mother Nature doesn't have monocultures, so why should we?

living roots 
in the ground

Leave them there as long as possible. Roots nourish the soil organisms that nourish our plants.

healthy animals and soil go together

Grazing has always been an essential part of healthy soils.

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